Design is not
just what it looks like,
and feels like.
Design is
how it works.

Steve Jobs

DDesign Associates is a design firm which has been serving new horizons of interior design and architectural services. Since its inception in 2012, the firm is devoted for its client’s satisfaction and also providing new creative solutions.

Specialized in High End Residential and Commercial interior design services. Design Associates is a professional interior design company and space planning firm recognized for innovation. The whole team work with your tastes, preferences, and space to create your ideal environment. Besides that different CG and Graphic Design services are being provided by Design Associates.

Interior Detailing Services, Exclusively at Design Associates

Design Associates is set apart from other interior design firms in that we offer Interior Detailing as an optional part of your full-service design package, resulting in a seamless design/build process. The Interior Detailing department works hand in hand with your personal design team to create beautiful backgrounds that enhance the overall aesthetic of every environment in your home, including:

  • Furniture Plan
  • Reflected/False Ceiling Plan
  • Tiles Drawing
  • Electrical/Lighting Ceiling Plan
  • Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry

It was then and there Design Associates which to this day gives customers a quality product in a design.

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Our destinctive feature is attention to the little things. There can be no design without details. Imagine, for example, the kitchen’s interior without kitchenware, dishes, cooker hood and wall clock. In order to percieve the project completely, we need all the elements, planned to be placed there, to be included into the project. This is why being an inveterate perfectionist I cultivate the importance of the little things among the studio staff.



The main criterium for a successful design is the comfortability of using it. Yes, the client first pays attention to the aesthetics of the project, and can estimate how comfortable the solution is only after its realization. Our task is to provide you with the best combination of a beautiful shell and the functuality, as a beautiful execution without coziness of using is pointless.

We Shape Your Dreams into Reality
Design Associates
Interior Architecture Firm
To win our customer’s heart and to be the most excellent place to work
To become one of the major architectural interior design firm in the city
how we work
For more than 8 years of experience in the market, we have developed a convenient process of the project
Statement of the problem
To start creating the project, we have to prepare in a certain way. Usually we hold one or several meetings with the clients and find out their ideas and requirements to the future design.
Development of renderings
The creating process includes making the virtual 3D-model of the object in the real size, which helps to see the final result more clear. This format is comfortable both for us and for you.
Project presentation
After creating the 3D model of the room, all the corrections and improving we present the result we got to the client. During the presentation, the recommendations about the project’s realization are given by the designers.
Materials selection
Working on the project, at the same time we create the specification of the equipment, decorative materials and furniture used in the project. If the creation of the author’s constructions or furniture elements takes place, the client gets a complete set of the technical documentation.
Designer supervision
The work upon the project does not end when the drawing package and visualization are admitted by the customer. During the repair and construction works we control all the key processes: from the quality of the operations and terms of furniture delivery to timely occupancy.
We focus on
Community Engagement
As a company, we share a passion for creating strong communities. We recognize that our activities have a direct impact upon the well-being of the places where we live and work, therefore we take advantage of opportunities to give back.
Budget and Time Vigilance
We are assiduous, even compulsive, throughout the design process, in making creative decisions that are mindful of budget parameters and time demands. The real value of creativity and talent in a design firm shows up in the client’s return on investment—whether measured in sales, price per square foot, brand recognition.
Distinctive Design
Each project is distinctively individual in design—not a replication of other work, not the imposition of pre-conceived notions and previously used styles. Our designs arise first from our client’s objectives and branding goals and second from the particular, individual nature of each project location and intended target market. This singular focus on design distinction is core to the creativity for which the firm is known.
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